How Re+5 Keratin Professional Hair Treatment Makes Your Hair Straight, Smooth & Frizz-Free

How Re+5 Keratin Professional Hair Treatment Makes Your Hair Straight, Smooth & Frizz-free

Keratin hair treatment is one of the best options for defrizzing and smoothing many textures of hair from curly to relaxed. Since its launch Keratin treatment has become a major hit in the personal and hair care industry and is used around the globe by most salon professionals.

However, most of the treatments available in the market are heavy and chemicals and can have certain side effects as well. Therefore, the complete range of Re+5 products has been formulated by industry experts to give you straighter, shinier, healthier and frizz-free hair without the damage of chemical treatments. Its unique formaldehyde-free formula makes it one of a kind hair straightening and treatment solution with lasting results.

As the leading keratin treatment company in the professional industry, Re+5 is also a proven authority in the care of keratin-treated hair. Along with salon treatment products, Re+5 also has a complete line of aftercare and homecare hair products.


How does it work?

The Re+5 Keratin Professional Hair Treatment is known as Smooth Therapy Treatment and it is divided into 4 steps.


STEP 1 – Purifying Shampoo Pre-treatment

Professional Use


  • Deeply Clarifies
  • Removes Residue and Build-up
  • Prepare the hair for treatment


The deep cleansing shampoo is designed to prepare the hair for Smooth Therapy Treatment. The formulation of rich creamy lathering cleanser removes any build-up of impurities and styling products from the surface, cuticle and cortex of the hair.


STEP 2 – Keratin Treatment Hair Reconstructor (Formaldehyde Free)

Professional Use


  • Heals, Repairs & Moisturizes
  • Protects damaged hair
  • Eliminates frizzy hair
  • Reduces hair volume
  • Works on all hair types
  • Maintains the healthy shade up to 3 months


This is the main step. It’s a revolutionary hair reconstructor and volume reducing treatment that eliminates kinky and frizzy hair textures, leaving hair straight, healthy and shiny for up to three months depending on the hair type. The chemical-free treatment completely repairs hair, coating hair with keratin, rejuvenating hair structure and gives it a shiny, flexible look. It will bring back the natural strength and shine that the hair has lost over the years because of harsh chemicals, sunlight and pollution.


STEP 3 – Daily Shampoo After-treatment

Home Care


  • For Daily Use after Treatment
  • Cleans and Adds Shine
  • Exclusive Moisturizing Formula
  • No Build-up


Developed exclusively for hair shampooing after Re+5 Keratin Hair Treatment. Its unique formulation cleans, and repairs processed hair, and its smoothing agents increase shine. It guarantees to maintain the perfect smoothness and long-lasting keratin treatment effect.


STEP 4 – Daily Conditioner After-treatment

Home Care


  • Add shine and luster
  • Moisturize hair
  • Repair hair
  • For chemically treated hair
  • For daily use


The daily conditioner delivers superior conditioning and prismatic shine to the hair after Re+5 Keratin Treatment. Special formalized with a moisture replenishing system to infuse rich nutrition to every hair shaft, making hair healthy and shiny. Guarantee to perfect smoothness and longer-lasting Keratin Treatment.

So next time when you visit your favourite hair salon or beauty parlour just ask for Re+5 Keratin Professional Hair Treatment And, you will walk out with beautiful, straight, smooth, shiny and healthy hair for sure.