Fashionedge - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Keratin Treatment?

Re+5 Keratin protein treatment is a semi-permanent, hair-smoothing, curl-softening professional hair treatment. Also known as a Brazilian hair treatment, it is known to make hair straighter, shinier and even healthier.

Piur is not a Keratin protein treatment. It’s a collagen treatment, which is an advanced version of cystine and BOTOX. Collagen is known to have antiaging properties, which enhances the beauty and life of your hair.

Q2. Types of keratin and uses?

Generally, there are 2 types of keratin, namely; oxidised and hydrolysed keratin. Re+5 is plant-based hydrolysed keratin. Whereas, oxidised keratin is animal-based

Q3. Do your products contain formaldehyde?

Re+5 is a unique formulation and one of the few Keratin treatments available that do not contain formaldehyde.

Piurdoes not contain any harmful chemicals, it’s a totally chemically free product. It contains amino acids, which is another form of protein.

Q4. What is the role of Methylene glycol in the product?

Methylene glycol is a substitute to formaldehyde, and it is basically used as a preservative in the product. In Re+5 the percentage is so low that this does no damage to the hair.

Re+5 does not contain formaldehyde.

Q5. Does your product release smoke during the process?

Re+5 does not release any smoke during treatment.

Piur products can release some smoke during treatment, but it’s not irritating or harmful. In fact, it releases an aromatic smell.

Q6. Would your product lead to eye burning sensation during application?


Re+5 Keratin & Piur professional hair treatments are perfectly safe and will not cause your eyes to burn or damage your eyes in any way.

Q7. How is the straightening effect of your product after application?

Re+5 Keratin professional hair treatment eliminates kinky and frizzy hair textures, leaving hair straight, healthy and shiny.

Piur treatment makes hair healthy, shiny and enhances its longevity.

Q8. How long-lasting are the result of your products?

Re+5 results can stay up to 3 months and even more, depending on the hair type. The results also depend on after-treatment care. So, it is recommended to use Re+5 keratin homecare products after Re+5 professional keratin hair treatment.

Piur treatment can last up to 6 months depending upon the hair type and homecare. So, it is recommended to use Piur homecare products after Piur professional hair treatment.

Q9. Does your product work on mehndi/henna coated hairs?

YES, both Re+5 Keratin & Piur professional hair treatments work on mehndi/henna coated hairs

Q10. How your product is different from any other existing brands in the market?

Some of the key aspects of our products are:

  1. Both Re+5 Keratin & Piur do not contain harmful chemicals.
  2. They offer lasting results than various other treatments.
  3. Re+5 is an anti-frizz treatment more than a straightener.
  4. When done on colour treated /highlighted, the treatment enhances the colour up to 1 level. Whereas other treatments can fade the hair colour.
  5. Other keratin brands suggest washing the hair after 24 or 48 hrs after treatment. Whereas Re+5 treated hair can we washed the same day after application
  6. We have treatment for three varieties of hair
    • Hair with a lot of frizz
    • Virgin hair
    • Processed hair

Q11. Can we use your product with smoothing/straightening treatment?

YES, both Re+5 Keratin & Piur professional hair treatments can be used with smoothing/straightening treatment.

Q12. Can we use your product soon after colour or high lightning treatment?

YES, both Re+5 Keratin & Piur professional hair treatments can be used soon after colour or high lightning treatment. In fact, it will enhance and lift the colour up to 1 level.

Q13. Does your product have any side effects?

No. In fact, you can become addicted to this treatment because it makes the hair look so wonderful.