About Fashion Edge

Fashionedge is a leading importing company of international cosmetics and grooming products. Currently, we are marketing the International hair treatment products range of Re+5 and Piur - in India. Also, we are looking ahead to market these products in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and other subcontinent countries.

We continue to uphold our values with an in-depth knowledge of differing buying profiles. And, our operation now serves hundreds of customers annually.

We are very pro-active in advising customers on our products and tailoring a range to suit each outlet with regard to its size, customer profile and environment. Our client range includes wholesalers, retailers, salons and beauty parlour owners, etc.

Also, our stock inventory has grown extensively, and we have been able to source the latest product launches immediately. We not only provide salon treatment products, but also provide a complete line of aftercare hair products to maintain the smoothness and healthy look for months.