5 Things That Can Cause Hair Damage

5 Things That Can Cause Hair Damage

Does your hair seem to be damaged, unhealthy, and unmanageable, even after trying to do everything possible?
Well, here are some important things that you may not be aware of, are causing hair damage, and how you can take care of them.


  1. Cotton Pillow Covers: This is something that you wouldn’t have expected. Actually, a cotton pillowcase is rougher in nature and creates a lot of friction between your head and the pillow. And this can lead to hair damage. So, if you want to avoid hair damage and breakage, it is advised to use a satin or silk pillowcase. It will allow your head to slide across easily and prevent any further issues.
  2. Hard Water: Well you must have heard of this that hard water is bad for hair. This is because hard water contains excessive minerals, which makes it hard to get a good lather while washing your hair. It also leads to build-up and hair covered with a thin film that can cause breakage. To solve this problem, you can use a water softener, or rinse your hair with white vinegar that can help get rid of the build-up. And the best solution is to get a shampoo and/or conditioner that is made to deal with the hard water problems.
  3. Hairspray & Hot Tools: You may or may not be aware that flat-ironing your hair can cause hair damage if you are heating it beyond the safe temperature range. And it can get even worse if you use it with a hairspray. For the reason that hairspray usually contains alcohol and when you apply heat to alcohol, it can cause static and damage the hair. To deal with this problem it is recommended to use a hairspray that is safe to be used with hot tools. Or the best thing to do is using an alcohol-free hairspray
  4. Ponytails: When you pull your hair back tightly, the hair strands are pushed to their breaking point, and the can snap off. Moreover, it can damage your hair at the roots, leading to permanent hair loss. Besides, if you to tie the ponytail in the same spot daily, then the same strands of hair will be weakened causing damage and breakage. So, using loose scrunchies can be a good way to deal with this issue. Also, try to change the place where you tie the ponytail every day. Also, try out loose, flowy ponytails that are quite popular these days.
  5. Product Treatment: You might be thinking that everyone says it is good to smother your hair with good hair products. But the fact is that applying too much product can be bad for your hair. Applying too much product on your hair can lead to build-up, and the hair may become hard and brittle and may even snap off. So, it is always recommended to get hair treatment done only from professionals. They are trained to apply the right amount of product and do the procedure correctly, without damaging your hair.


Use these tips for a few days and we believe that your hair will thank you, for sure.

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